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Greenfeet Guides: Teaching Kids About World Cultures With an Eye Toward Sustainability

On a bright, sunny morning in 2013, Ambika Anand Prokop was roaming around the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia with her family. Anticipating that her young daughters would soon tire of the heat and humidity and start begging to return to the hotel swimming pool, Ambika created a scavenger hunt to keep them occupied. […]

The Benefits of Virgin Fiber Paper

Are you prioritizing sustainability in your marketing campaigns? If so, choosing recycled paper might seem like the obvious choice. But is this the only option? Let’s look at five reasons virgin fiber remains a vital component of the paper lifecycle. 1. Virgin fiber protects our nation’s forests. If your goal is to reduce your carbon […]

Say goodbye to plastic outdoor signs

Marketers looking for inexpensive, durable outdoor signage often turn to Coroplast, a popular substrate used for everything from event signage to political yard signs. Made of corrugated plastic, Coroplast is inexpensive and strong. While it is recyclable, it doesn’t present an Earth-friendly image. Less than 10% of plastic is recycled, and with the remainder either […]

7 Steps to Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

According to City to Sea, 12 million tons of plastic are entering our oceans every year.  That equates to an entire trash truck full every minute. So how do we stop the flow? It’s up to every one of us to do our part. Are you ready to start cutting back on the amount of […]

Do you know how much plastic you use in a month? The answer might surprise you.

While researching plastic pollution, I came across Daniel Webb, the founder of Everyday Plastics, a Community Interest Company in England. Shortly after Daniel moved to his new home in Margate on the Kent coast in 2016, he quickly learned that there were no local recycling services. During a “plastic-riddled” run along the coast, Daniel started […]

Are You Up for the Plastic Free July Challenge?

Looking to be part of something that can make a difference?  Plastic Free July is an initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation that began in 2011 as a way for millions of people to participate in the solution to plastic pollution. Since it started, 326 million people in 177 countries have committed to reducing their […]

Baltimore’s National Aquarium Kicks the Foam Core Habit

According to the Ocean Conservancy, nearly 8 million metric tons of new plastic enter the world’s oceans every year—and that’s on top of the 150 million metric tons of plastic already circulating. We all need to do our part, as individuals and as businesses, to limit our use of plastic. So we were delighted when […]

Grow veggies anywhere with a bucket garden

We’ve learned through our partnership with local environmental groups that urban development and hardscapes (i.e., parking lots and roads) affect everything from polluted stormwater runoff to dwindling habitats for birds and insects. As part of our ongoing sustainability efforts, we decided to make the most eco-friendly use of the space we have by installing a […]

Earth Day 2021: Let’s Celebrate the Achievements and Appreciate Our Accomplishments

We are all aware of the environmental challenges we face around the world. Every day, there is another news story about wildfires, ferocious storms, pollution infiltrating our waterways and the air we breathe, islands of plastic floating in the ocean, contamination that’s making people sick, the disappearance of habitats and the consequences for wildlife. Tackling […]

Do you know the 7‌ ‌different‌ ‌types‌ ‌of‌ ‌recyclable‌ ‌plastics‌?

The benefits of plastic are undeniable. The material is cheap, lightweight and easy to produce. These qualities have led to its boom over the past century. And the trend will certainly continue as global plastic production skyrockets over the next 10-15 years.  Unfortunately, we are already unable to cope with the amount of plastic waste […]