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Protecting an Urban Oasis in DC

Even the National Park Service needs a little help every now and then. This is one of the roles of Rock Creek Conservancy (RCC), a Bethesda, MD nonprofit that supports the National Park Service in Rock Creek Park, a large urban park that bisects the Northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C. Created by an Act of […]

GVC: A Baltimore Connection to the Chesapeake Bay

The environmental challenges facing the Chesapeake Bay are familiar to those living along this beautiful waterway. But in Maryland’s northern counties, residents are a bit more removed from the everyday issues of the Bay. So it might surprise the residents of Harford and Northern Baltimore counties that they are part of the problem—and the solution.   […]

CWP Guides Policy Behind the Scenes

Sometimes, heroes sneak under the radar. They work diligently in the background, protecting all of us, and we hardly know they are there—if we even know they are there at all. The Center for Watershed Protection (CWP) is one of those heroes. Think about all the municipalities around the country who are responsible for keeping […]

ESLC Works with Landowners to Create Protected Spaces

Have you ever wondered how protected land comes to be protected? In many cases, landowners choose to sell conservation easements through organizations like Eastern Shore Land Conservancy (ESLC). Landowners continue to own their lands, but those lands are then protected from further development. By working to secure easements that connect to one another, conservancies also […]

7 Ways to Make Your Direct Mail More Sustainable

Did you know that using paper actually supports the preservation (and even expansion) of U.S. forestland by making forest products profitable to grow? Sounds crazy, we know, but it’s true. Total forest area in the United States actually increased by 18 million acres between 1990 and 2020, the equivalent of around 1,200 football fields every […]

Maryland Oysters Start at Ferry Cove

When you sit down to enjoy a fresh Eastern oyster, do you think about where it came from? Many of us are familiar with the challenges of regenerating oyster populations in the Chesapeake Bay, so should we feel guilty about eating these precious commodities? The answer to that question is no, according Stephan Abel, president […]

Bay Paddle Navigates Unchartered Territory

Meet Chris Hopkinson, founder of Bay Paddle, an epic 45-mile, two-day staged paddle race. All of the proceeds from the event go to protect and conserve the incredible natural treasure that is the Chesapeake Bay.   Hopkinson’s love of the Bay began six or seven years ago when he received a paddle board for his birthday. […]

How Chesapeake Conservancy Uses Data to Drive Conservation

You might not associate the phrase “advanced geospatial analysis” with conservation, but the Chesapeake Conservancy is out to change that. In fact, if you want to geek out on high-tech conservation, the Conservancy’s artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced datasets may be right up your alley. Based in Annapolis, MD, the Chesapeake Conservancy is a group […]

Beach to Bay Heritage Area Uncovers African American History

The Beach to Bay Heritage Area is one of 13 Maryland-certified heritage areas. Located on the state’s lower Eastern Shore, it extends from Smith Island in the Chesapeake Bay to Assateague Island along the Atlantic Coast and from the Nanticoke River to the Pocomoke River. It’s a place of incomparable shorescapes, storied spiritual history, and […]

Live Water Foundation Gives the Gift of Water

If you’ve ever stood at the edge of the ocean and stared out into the waves, you know the beauty, tranquility, and healing power of water. Our bodies are 97% water, so it’s no surprise the Earth’s waters call to us. This is the Live Water Foundation’s mission: to bring the healing power of water […]