Sustainability Milestones


In the Beginning

After serving as a campaign bus for a year, our founder, Roger, decided to bolt a printing press down in the back of the bus. In those days of serving as a print shop for grassroots environmental organizations, mobility was key.


Recycled Paper

Ecoprint was one of the very few shops that carried recycled paper, though it was only 10% post-consumer waste. By the lat 80s, we were the first in the country to offer 50% PCW recycled paper.


Non-Toxic Inks

When Ecoprint began, almost all inks had harmful toxins and metals. With no real eco-friendly alternative, we applied for and won a grant from the EPA to invent a clean printing ink.


100% Wind Energy

We became the first U.S. printer to use 100% wind energy, purchased from wind farms in Virginia.


Reforestation Efforts

We began working with Forest Planet, Inc., a company that plants mangrove trees in deforested areas of Madagascar. For every job we do, from business cards to giant banners, we donate two trees to help rebuild a sustainable environment.


Joining Forces

In early 2020, Ecoprint joined forces with More Vang—a marketing, print, and technology company based in Alexandria, VA—to become the nation’s largest sustainable printing company.