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Small changes can have a big impact

As part of our ongoing outreach to the community, Ecoprint conducted an inaugural e-recycling event on Saturday, August 8th. The event exceeded our expectations, drawing a wide range of clients and members from the local community. Visitors disposed of everything from obsolete phones, laptops, computers, and tablets to thousands of once-beloved CDs. The event was […]

Is That a Cool New Phone or Toxic Waste Time Bomb?

This week, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the company’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2030. As a longtime Apple user and brand advocate, I commend this effort and similar pledges from tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon. Climate change will require progressive businesses—and their customers—to make commitments to renewable energy. But as […]

Sustainability is Complicated

When I first told my adult daughter I was considering purchasing the Ecoprint brand, she responded “Ecoprint? Isn’t the name an oxymoron?” This stinging question didn’t interrupt her high speed scrolling of Instagram stories on a beautiful new iPhone 11, but we’ll address that later. I will acknowledge that in our modern digital world, print […]