Are You Up for the Plastic Free July Challenge?

Looking to be part of something that can make a difference? 

Plastic Free July is an initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation that began in 2011 as a way for millions of people to participate in the solution to plastic pollution. Since it started, 326 million people in 177 countries have committed to reducing their single-use plastic consumption. Now’s your opportunity to join the movement!

Visit Plastic Free July for tips and resources on how to make small but impactful changes at home or work. From toting your own reusable grocery bags or water bottle to purchasing plastic-free bathroom supplies, you’d be surprised how little things can add up to a big difference.

Here are just a few things you can do to reduce your plastic waste:

  • Did you know you can buy toothbrushes and other dental products made out of sustainable materials such as bamboo? There are even vegan dental floss options.
  • When out and about, scrap the plastic straws and bring your own sustainable sippers, such as metal straws, instead. But tell your server before they make your drink. Otherwise, they’ll put one in your cup and it will get thrown out anyway.
  • Switch from body washes and shampoos to bar options. Packaging for bar soap uses less single-use plastic and can often be purchased without any packaging at all, especially in bulk food, health, and organic stores. Or you can purchase bars in recyclable cardboard wraps.

At work, think about how you can reduce plastic use in your marketing outreach. At Ecoprint, we have a wide variety of plastic-free options for everything from direct mail to menus to signage. And these non-plastic options are just as durable and appealing as plastics. Paper options are strong, long-lasting, and have outstanding sustainability characteristics, even for things like signage that is traditionally printed on nonrecyclable material. 

To learn more about our eco-friendly materials and how we can support your sustainability efforts, set up a call to speak with me or my colleague, Shari Fox.

And to help you get started on your own Plastic Free July efforts, everyone who schedules a meeting will receive our aluminum “micro-bus” water bottle, 100% cotton “actions matter” reusable tote bag and “think outside the bus” journal packaged in a 100% recyclable box. Just mention this email when you schedule your call and we’ll send you this Ecoprint Plastic Free July package.

Rise to the challenge and join us for Plastic Free July!


Bobby Firestein

Note: Ecoprint Plastic Free July sustainable packages will be sent to everyone who schedules a meeting while supplies last.