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Social Responsibility

Ecoprint is committed to social and corporate responsibility. We believe in caring for the Earth and the importance of helping others by giving back to our community. Being socially responsible to our community is part of the commitment we feel and honor.

We believe that our success and the success of our community are inextricably linked and we are committed to giving back to the community in many ways.

Ecoprint Supported Groups Include:

March 21, 2017

Kathleen Harding, Ecoprint, 2618 Pitman Drive Silver Spring, MD 20910 United States

 Dear Ecoprint,

Thank you for donating Bao Bao posters to Pandas International in support of our efforts to save the Giant Pandas. The devastating earthquake in China in May of 2008 caused significant damage and forced the closure of the Wolong Panda Center. The only pandas remaining at Hetaoping are now part of new research on the purpose of working on the reintroduction program. The new panda reserve in Gengda within the Wolong Reserve is now open and has more than 30 pandas with more making their way home!

A new Disease Center in Dujiangyan has been completed. The center features multiple enclosures for sick, injured, disabled and retired Giant Pandas. Many Pandas from the Bifengxia Panda Center have been moved here and love their new home. The new census estimates only 1,864 pandas left in the wild so we must increase that number and your donation will help. Thank you Ecoprint for your commitment to Pandas International’s efforts, as we continue our work to Save the Giant Pandas. Without your continued support, the care of the giant panda would not be at levels necessary to ensure their survival in the wild.

Thank you with great appreciation,

Andrea Muller Assistant Director

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