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Founded in 1977, Ecoprint was quite unlike most print shops from its creation. The original company was a press bolted to the floor of a converted school bus and used as the print shop for a grassroots environmental organization. In addition to printing their own materials, the mobile shop also printed flyers for local nonprofit organizations in Washington, D.C. In 1983, the grassroots organization closed but Ecoprint became an independent company, moving to its own space Silver Spring, MD.

Ecoprint merged with Sveconway, a local family-owned printer, in 2013. Still operating under the name Ecoprint, our mission continues to be providing exceptional service using the most sustainable manufacturing processes available. Our capabilities have expanded, allowing us to provide more complete communication solutions for non-profits, corporations, events, industry leaders, and more. Ecoprint continues to grow, never forgetting its roots - or is it wheels? - as an environmental organization.

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