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G7 Resources (GRACoL)

What is GRACoL® 7 (G7)?

In 1966 a graphics arts task force was formed by the Graphic Communications Association (GCA) to develop a document containing general guidelines and recommendations that could be used as a reference source across the industry for quality color printing. With the support from representatives of IPA and GATF, the GRACoL® Committee developed the printing guidelines that have since become de facto standards in many pressrooms.

The mission of GRACoL® is to improve communications and education in the graphic arts by maintaining the accuracy and the relevance of the GRACoL® document in reporting the influence and impact of new technologies in the workflow of commercial offset lithography.

GRACoL® helps print buyers, designers, and specifiers work more effectively with print suppliers. This book has become the standard of reference and educational medium on the modern lithographic process. It is a tool-kit of standards, tips, and answers to common problems. By following the GRACoL® guidelines and recommendations, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Reduce costs, decrease turn-around times, and avoid re-makes.
  • Develop internal guidelines for reliable process controls.
  • Acquire print predictability: know what you’ll get on press - before you get there.
  • Demonstrate printing quality through achievable print guidelines and target goals.
  • Build upon the education in fundamentals of printing and developing technologies.
  • Clarification of what is reasonable to ask of print suppliers.

GRACoL® helps promote better communication between print buyers and print suppliers and helps avoid disappointment in expectations. Improved processes maintain printing as a competitive force in the communications marketplace.

What You Can Do?

By choosing a printer that is GRACoL® 7 (G7) certified, you can know that your work is printed to the highest standards of quality and consistency. For more information about GRACoL® 7 (G7), contact your Broudy representative or visit

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