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Direct Mail... Your old friend in need, is still a friend indeed.

Marketers have become so wrapped up in their digital efforts that many have forgotten the tried and true… Direct mail. Mail remains a powerful ROI, and for some market segments, it’s THE most powerful way to reach an audience. With that in mind, this month we answer four basics of today’s direct mail landscape.

What’s the most common pitfall in developing direct mail campaigns?

One lesson we've learned developing direct mail campaigns is how small details can easily get lost. Understanding what choices you have—regardless of how granular they may seem—can help fine-tune your campaign.

How do marketers go about developing mail?

We recommend beginning with your ideas of who you are. From there, develop a mailing to guide recipients to see that vision. The final step is to address the costs and benefits of producing a mailing to get out your message in the most efficient and effective way possible.

But I’m after orders, what about getting orders?

Very often direct mail is all about getting orders. At Ecoprint, we have a well-established track record in the development and production of direct mail campaigns that get the envelope open and bring in the order. Talk to your Ecoprint contact about the innovations that can take your direct mail campaign to the next level.

Do people still respond to direct mail?

According to DMA research, direct mail response rates are at their highest in the last ten years. In part, this is due to new personalization, production techniques. However, we cannot overlook the tactile experience that recipients have holding a live mailing versus the digital advertising that has overrun our lives.

The divide between Direct Mail and digital marketing may just come down to one of the earliest lessons we all learned as children. Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.

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