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3 Tips for Optimizing Your Multichannel Marketing

Want to energize your print campaign? Let Ecoprint show you how to combine print with other media to amplify its effect.

The most common channel pairing with print these days is email, but you might also want to consider text messaging, banner ads, social media (such as Facebook), and search engine advertising, as well. Each channel has different benefits depending on your marketing goals and target audience.

No matter which channels you choose, it’s important to keep some basic guidelines in mind:

1. Maintain consistent branding.

Different media have different requirements, but whenever possible, use the same images, color schemes, primary messaging, and offers to maintain a consistent brand image and brand message. Being print marketers at heart, we can help you integrate your print and digital campaigns.

2. Think strategically.

Know what role each channel is supposed to play. If you are going to combine email with print, what are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to create awareness and anticipation of the print piece? Are you using email as a reminder to respond? Maybe if you’re driving traffic to a campaign-specific website, you might want to consider banner advertising in demographic hot spots.

3. Create appropriate channel-audience pairings.

You won’t reach as many retirees with text marketing as you will Millennials, and social media preferences vary, as well. Sixty-five percent of GenXers and Baby Boomers say their favorite social media network is Facebook. While overall Facebook dominates the landscape, younger Millennials (ages 18-24), favor Instagram.


At Ecoprint we assist our clients in seeing through the digital storm. Because digital marketing has brought an expectation of personalization to many consumers’ minds, Ecoprint has invested in state of the art equipment to allow personalization throughout mailings. There is a learning curve associated with multichannel marketing, but the ability to amplify and reinforce your marketing message makes it invaluable.

Need help matching your channels to your marketing goals?

Just ask your Ecoprint Representative!

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