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Art Museum of the Americas Book Launch

One of the greatest gifts of living in the DC area is access to some of the most beautiful and culturally profound museums in the country. Ecoprint recently had the amazing opportunity to work with one of these museums, the Art Museum of the Americas, for the production of their new book. The book, which was truly a labor of love for the museum team, looks at 100 pieces from the museum collection with commentary from different experts about the cultural importance of each piece, as well as the context in which it was created.

From the AMA website:

For Art of the Americas, we invited a select group of curators and scholars who have had close ties with the museum and, above all else, profound knowledge of the collection. Some of them have conducted research in our archives, others have curated AMA exhibitions, and a few are former museum employees. The most important aspect of this team effort is that they want to make this project a reality.


For the first time in 30 years, AMA presents an ensemble of 100 Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino artworks, descriptions, artist biographies, and scholarly essays tying together the collection with fresh perspectives. AMA’s magnificent collection, one of the first ever of its type assembled in the United States, dates from 1949, and continues to grow to the present day. There is no better time than now to look back at the past half-century-plus of AMA collecting, as we glance to a bright future.

The launch event took place at the museum on September 12th and was a great success. Hardcover and softcover copies of the book were on sale, and both were beautiful. Many of the works featured in the book were also on display at the event, bringing the book to life for all attendees. It could not have been a more beautiful evening in downtown Washington, D.C. to celebrate the hard work and passion of the Art Museum of the Americas team.

Ecoprint was truly honored to be involved in the printing process of this amazing work. Congratulations to the Art Museum of the Americas!

For more information about the museum and the artwork featured, check out the museum's website here.


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