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Ecoprint is committed to continuously researching and sharing new ways to conduct business in sustainable ways. We strive to make it easier and simpler for you to make smarter environmental choices.

Eco-Inks: Printing with Environmentally-friendly Inks

In 1992, Ecoprint led the industry in eco-ink research when we partnered with the EPA and an ink manufacturer to develop a metal-free ink to reduce our impact on land and water resources during recycling and de-inking processes. Chemical tests proved that the new ink reduced metal content to trace levels of less than 50 parts per million – unheard of at the time!

Our conventional Eco-inks, used in process color printing, have near-zero emission of volatile organics and are vegetable oil based, exceeding the specifications for many soy-based inks.

Printing on the Best Recycled Papers

Since 1977, Ecoprint has searched continuously to find the best recycled paper with the least environmental impact. On several occasions, we've even prompted paper mills to create papers and partnered as a beta-test site for manufacturers.

We stock papers that are up to 100% postconsumer waste (PCW) recycled fiber and process chlorine free (PCF), thus eliminating the production of highly toxic dioxin in manufacturing. Our economical Ecoprint-branded papers assure that you are getting the best environmental papers for your project.

Our continuing research includes experimental tree-free papers containing industrial hemp, wheat and rice straw waste and recycled cotton fiber.

To determine a paper stock's environmental impact and its desirability as a print medium, we evaluate its source or fiber, gauge whether the paper is sustainably manufactured, and test it in a variety of circumstances to determine its printability.

Talk to us about your next project; we can suggest an eco-friendly paper that fits any budget.

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