Audited by independent, third-party certification bodies to ensure they conform, the numerous components of the SFI program at large include these:

SFI Forest Certification promotes responsible forestry practices. To be certified, forest operations across the United States and Canada must be audited against the SFI forest standard.

SFI Chain-of-Custody Certification extends into the marketplace by tracking fiber content from certified lands through production and manufacturing to the end product. Consumers who buy products with the SFI “percent-content” label know they are buying from well-managed forests.

SFI Fiber Sourcing Requirements address the reality of global fiber markets and the fact that only 10 percent of the world’s forests are certified. Program participants must ensure that the raw material in their supply chain comes from legal and responsible sources, whether the forests are certified or not.

SFI Labels are recognized globally and provide a visual cue to help customers source certified forest products.