At Ecoprint, we comply with the highest social and environmental standards in the industry, and our FSC certification label enables us to access highly environmentally sensitive markets, while serving as an effective way to get public and consumer recognition for our responsible practices. This gives us … and our clients … credibility with customers and business partners as well as financial institutions and watch dog organizations.

As public concerns about the state of the world’s forest and timber resources increase, FSC provides us all with credible solutions to complex environmental and social issues.

As such, FSC Forest Management Certification refers to the forest or plantation area, and it has special programs for small operations. And, FSC Chain of Custody Certification tracks the FSC certified material through our production processes all the way to the end user. FSC products can sometimes contain parts or proportions that are not fully FSC certified. The need to allow inclusion of these non-certified materials has arisen because there are not yet enough FSC raw materials available and certain products are not yet developed in FSC quality.