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Where does sustainability begin?

Purposeful design is a phrase that comes to mind. When sustainability is a driving force in your organization, recyclability of your publications is an important goal. Our Ecoprint team has compiled 8 design tips to help simplify and add a sustainable purpose to your next project.

  • Shoot for 100%

    Try your best to design a piece that is 100% recyclable. That means avoiding UV coatings and plastic inserts, both of which inhibit the recycling of paper fiber.

  • Stay away from shiny things

    Metallic inks add toxins to the “de-inking sludge” output during the recycling process. Additionally, foil stamping puts stubborn contaminants into the recycling stream.

  • Size and weight does matter

    You may be able to use a smaller sized sheet of paper and still achieve the desired result. Another savings may be to use a 70lb, rather than 80lb, weight of paper. These choices often make both environmental and budgetary sense.

  • Bleeding resources

    Ask whether “bleeds” (images that extend all the way to the edge of your page) require excessive trimming. This may waste paper, too!

  • Think outside of the box and envelope

    Having trouble dreaming up a solution to the soaring USPS mailing costs? Ask your favorite Ecoprint representative for some ideas! Not only will a lack of envelope help save paper and energy, but you’ll also see a decrease in price without the cost of insertion.

  • Opt for a postcard

    When choosing between a letter and postcard mailing – we encourage the postcard. Not only is it more economical, but it also uses less paper!

  • Glassine vs. Poly Windows

    A little known fact in the wonderful world of direct mail is that poly-window envelopes are not recyclable. However, there is an environmental option: Glassine. We encourage you to ask your favorite Ecoprint representative which they provide.

Kali Bowers

Contributed by Kali Bowers
Account Executive, Ecoprint

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