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So your annual report was printed sustainably…but does anyone really care?

They should. Here’s why:

  • There are over 30,000 printers nationally. The printing industry as a whole is a major consumer of fossil-fuel generated energy, and is often rated as one of the top ten polluting industries.
  • Paper and pulp manufacturing ranks as the number three industrial polluter of air, land and water in the U.S.
  • Producing virgin paper (as opposed to recycled) uses more water per ton of product than any other industry.
  • Hundreds of millions of pounds of printing ink are used annually, many of which contain large amounts of petroleum derivatives.
  • Thousands of gallons of solvents and cleaning agents are consumed every month, impacting air quality and generating considerable amounts of hazardous waste.

Pretty dirty, eh? To help you continue to make environmentally conscious print buying decisions, here are some facts and alternative choices:

  • Using post-consumer (PCW) recycled fiber paper reduces water pollution by about 35%, and air pollution by 74%, according to EPA. Energy savings per ton of recycled paper: 1,560 kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • Printing with low-volatility inks made with renewable vegetable oils reduces air emissions and the reliance on non-renewable petroleum. (Our Eco-inks are near zero volatility, releasing no volatile organics to the air.)
  • ngage your printer in the design process so they can guide you to reduce trim waste. Adjusting bleeds or finish sizes may result in savings all around.
  • Urging printers to commit to Carbon Neutral processes, but only after adopting shop-wide conservation
  • Use climate-neutral papers: these are manufactured using renewable energy and/or whose emissions are offset through carbon reduction programs like landfill gas reclamation. (All Ecoprint branded papers meet this criteria).

Remember that printed materials are often the public face of an organization or company. Choices made here reflect your organization's values and commitments.

Recently, the planet blew past 400 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and science says we are in for a rough ride if we don't rein in climate change. The issue isn't going away.

So let your members, clients, and stakeholders see that you are making responsible choices, by using a tagline or logo on your printed piece clearly stating its eco-friendly attributes. Just ask, we can help.

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